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Restaurant Week runs from September 25th - October 9th, 2022

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Menu - De Tapas

 180 Post Rd E, Westport

(203) 557-0257


Lunch  $34

Choice of 1 tapas:
- Patatas Bravas - Crispy potatoes with spicy tomato sauce & alioli
- Croquetas de Jamon Iberico - Iberico Ham in a white béchamel sauce

- Chistorra - Slightly spicy Chorizo sausage
- Ensalada Verde - Bibb Lettuce, Cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, Valdeon Cheese, hard egg with a creamy  mustard dressing
Choice of Main:
- Bocadillo de Ternera - Skirt Steak Sandwich with mix fried peppers and cheese
- Huevos Estrellados con Jamon Iberico - Traditional mix of fried potatoes and organic free range fried eggs with Jamon Iberico 
Smoked Salmon & Poached egg Toast - (Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Poached egg with DeTAPAS mustard sauce)
Choice of Dessert:
- Torrijas - Milk batter bread, strawberries and orange syrup with blackberries & whipped cream
- Chocolate Mousse - Chocolate Mousse with sea salt topped with cream



Dinner  $45

Choice of 1 tapas:
- Albondigas Morunas - Moorish Lamb meatballs with home-made curry sauce, almonds and currants
- Chicken with Duxell of Mushrooms - Braised Chicken thighs with creamy mushrooms duxell, Serrano ham & truffle puree
- Ensalada de Rucula - Arugula, grilled baby carrots, avocado, creamy goat cheese with toasty almond & sweet pimenton vinagrette
- Calamares a la Andaluza - Crispy calamari with homemade alioli and lemon
Choice of Paella (minimum order 2 servings)
- Paella de Pollo & Verduras - Classic paella with chicken, sofrito and vegetables
- Fideua Negra - Spanish noodles with shrimp, calamari & cuttlefish ink
Choice of Dessert:
- Crema Catalana - Spanish custard  with classic Catalan cream
- Chocolate Mousse - Chocolate Mousse with sea salt topped with cream