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The Fourth Contest in our series of fun and promotional food events


Dedicated to the Memory of 

Albert Pizzirusso

A&S Fine Foods

Chef, Owner, Friend and Chamber Member

Sponsored by


Best Chicken Sandwich – Stiles Market

Best Steak Sandwich – JR’s Grille

Best Vegetarian Sandwich – Manna Toast

Best Combo Sandwich – Stiles Market

Best Club Sandwich – Joe’s Pizza

Best Wrap – Layla’s Falafel

Best Breakfast Sandwich – JR’s Grille

Best Pressed Sandwich – Mystic Market

Best Fish / Seafood Sandwich – Rizzuto’s

Honorable Mention (coming within 5 votes of the winner) A&S, Calise’s and Fortuna’s


Eat Sandwiches and you get to choose who makes the Best Sandwich in Westport

9 Different Categories with 21 participating Restaurants, Delis & Markets



(vote below)


Prior Contests   

PIZZA (2018)             BURGERS (2019)       Soup (2020 - Interrupted due to Covid lockdown)

Participating Restaurants

A & S Fine Foods  (CH,S,CO,W)

Calise’s Market  (CH,CO,B,W)

Capuli Restaurant  (S,F)

Don Memo  (CH, P)

Fortuna’s Deli  (CH,S,CO,B)

Grammie’s Donuts & Biscuits  (V,CO,B)

Joe’s Pizza  (CH,CO,CL,P)

JR's Grille  (CH,S,P,B)

Kawa Ni  (CO)

Layla's Falafel  (CH,V,CO,W)

Manna Toast  (V,B)

Match Burger Lobster  (CH,FS)

Mystic Market  (CH,CO,P,W)

Organic Krush  (V,B,W,FS)

Outpost Pizza  (S,W)

Rive Bistro  (CH,V,CO,FS)

Rizzuto's Lobster Shack  (FS)

Stiles Market  (CH,S,CO)

The Granola Bar  (CH,CL,B)

The Whelk  (CH, FS)

Winfield Street Deli  (CH,CO,P,B)

The Contest runs all month from March 1 - March 31

Simply go to a venue, try their Sandwich and vote here on-line

(all Sandwiches are for purchase)



Best Chicken Sandwich  (CH)
(cutlet, parmesan...)

Best Steak Sandwich  (S)
(Philly Cheese, French Dip...)

Best Vegetarian Sandwich  (V)
(Grilled Eggplant, Falafel...)

Best Combo Sandwich  (CO)
(Italian, American...)

Best Club Sandwich  (CL)
(Turkey, Ham....)

Best Pressed Sandwich  (P)
(Panini, Cubano, Grilled Cheese)

Best Breakfast Sandwich  (B)
(Eggs, Avocado Toast...)

Best Wrap Sandwich  (W)
(Turkey, Tuna, Veggie...)

Best Fish / Seafood  (FS)
(Fish, Lobster Roll...)



When you vote you enter a lottery to win a sandwich from the winning location for that category

Winning restaurants will receive a plaque to display

No one restaurant can win in more than two categories



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