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Eat  Sandwiches and you get to choose who makes the Best Sandwich in Westport

10 Different Categories with ? participating Restaurants



Welcome to the Great Westport Sandwich Contest Sign up form.

Please fill out the form and select the contest categories you want to participate in. You may select up
to 4 that you feel work with your offerings.

(No one restaurant can win more than 2 categories.)

Entry fee is $125 - we will bill you (must be paid by March 1 to participate)


Best Chicken Sandwich
(cutlet, parmesan...)

Best Steak Sandwich
(Philly Cheese, French Dip...)

Best Vegetarian Sandwich
(Grilled Eggplant, Falafel...)

Best Combo Sandwich
(Italian, American ...)

Best Club Sandwich
(Turkey, Ham....)

Best NY Deli
(Corned Beef, Pastrami, Reuben...)

Best Pressed Sandwich
(Panini, Cubano, Grilled Cheese)

Best Breakfast Sandwich
(Eggs, Avocado Toast...)

Best Wrap Sandwich
(Turkey, Tuna, Veggie...)

Best Fish / Seafood
(Fish / Lobster Roll...)


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