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And then rescheduled

Due to Covid

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He returns to Westport after a searing show at the 2018 Blues Views and BBQ Festival

Opening Act


Come see a live concert in the Library again, and have dinner with friends

A single ticket buys you a three-course dinner at a downtown restaurant and the concert (concert only tickets available as well.)

  $90 includes Concert, Dinner, tax and tip (drinks on you + tip)

$40 Concert only

Choose from one of eleven local downtown restaurants

190 Main





De Tapas

Don Memo 

Manna Toast

Spotted Horse


Walrus Alley

After the concert, show your ticket at any of the participating restaurants

and receive special happy hour pricing on drinks


6pm dinner - 8pm show

Concert in the Westport Library Trefz Forum

with a brand new state of the art sound system


Sponsored by

Westport's Own Outdoor Lifestyle Wrap



++++ Tickets on Sale NOW ++++ 

Once you buy a Dinner and Concert ticket you will be given a link to select your restaurant. Just fill in all the info and you and your friends will be all set for the night.



About Cris Jacobs:

Spanning rock, folk, soul and funk and drawing from inspiration that runs the gamut from the henhouse to the White House, the band is a kaleidoscopic portrait of Cris Jacobs as a songwriter, musician and bandleader. His music is the work of a devoted father and an empathetic member of the human race. More than that, his music is a reminder that there's beauty to be found everywhere, if you just take a moment to color where you are.

"What am I trying to do with my music?" Jacobs muses.  "The simple answer is this: I’m trying to connect with people. To express real-life human emotions and make people feel things. To connect my love of music with my love of writing and conjure up all of the joy and emotions that those things bring to me. To hopefully have people walk away feeling lighter or happier or more inspired to go do something after listening... I want to create a body of work that my family will be proud of one day, and to show that I had compassion to the human condition and wasn’t just a self-indulgent show off."

Prior Shows:

Dana Fuchs, Vanessa Collier, Kasey Tyndall, David Wax Museum (2), Head for the Hills, Kat Wright, John Nemeth,

Tom Petty Project, Mullett, Mystic Bowie (2), Terrapin (2), Sophie B Hawkins, The Machine, Terrapin (2), Deep Banana Blackout,

Dark Desert Eagles (2), LuLu Lewis, Lez Zeppelin, Enid Ze, Selwyn Birchwood.

Opening Acts:

Jon Saxon, Suzanne Sheridan, Drew Angus, Problem with Kids Today, Daniprobably, Drop Party


Watch some Videos to see what you'll get




See the 1 minute promo of the event with prior acts before we moved to the Library


See the intro and first song by Dana Fuchs (Jan 27, 2018)

 If you have any questions contact the chamber office at 203-227-9234

or email

# - There are no refunds for shows that are rescheduled. If a show is cancelled, refunds will be made minus fees.