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Supper & Soul Restaurant Sign Up

Welcome to the Supper & Soul Restaurant Sign up form.  Johnny Folsom 4 - Saturday May 13th, 2023.

We are pleased to offer 11 wonderful Chamber member restaurants to choose from for your meal.

Simply fill out the form and select the restaurant you want to attend. If you plan to sit with friends, make sure you include their names and the total number of seats.

First come first served for reservations. We will do our best to honor your first choice.

You will be emailed a voucher as the date approaches to confirm your choice and to show the restaurant when you arrive.

Dinner reservations are for 6pm. You should be done by 7:30 so you can walk over to the show. SHOW IS 8pm.

That's it. Thanks for participating.   

Please Note:  Amis has since closed, please select another venue

The Following Restaurants are SOLD OUT: 190 Main, Basso, Case Me, De Tapas, Don Memo, Nomade, Spotted Horse & Walrus Alley.

Please choose from Capuli (2 only), Arezzo and Goji (Korian BBQ).